Ballistic - Tar & Glue Remover Ballistic is a super concentrated tar and glue remover. It’s high performing at removal of tar, glues, oil, sealants and adhesives. Suitable for bodywork and trims, Ballistic is a highly effective and professional product and should be treated as such. It is recommended to test on an inconspicuous area prior to application. HOW TO USE: ¨ Wash the vehicle in the conventional way ¨ Work on one panel at a time ¨ Liberally spray Ballistic onto the affected panel ¨ Leave to dwell ¨ Wipe the area with a microfibre towel ¨ Then rinse/wash the area of any remaining residue ¨ Repeat for particularly stubborn areas ¨ Use in a well vented area ¨ ALWAYS TEST ON A INCONSPICUOUS AREA

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